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In some cases the pedigree charts below are a work in progress and some revisions will be necessary to correct typos and in some cases to update the information. Also there are several more that are in the process of being saved as PDF files and will be added as they are completed.


Pedigree Charts

Descendants of Jakob Amelid and Maria Otterstad

Descendants of Jakob Amelid and Maria Otterstad

Descendants of GEorge Chappell and Elizabeth Barnes

Descendants of George Chappell and Elizabeth Barnes

Nels Elvick's Ancestral Chart

Descendants of Anna Olsdatter (Scroll to page 2)

Descendants of Johann Georg Bickel and Anna Maria Schmalzkaf

Pedigree Charts for Hans Ona and Arne Jensen

Descendants of Henry Wise and Malinda Bickel

Descendants of Jens Johan Larsen Tusvik & Ellen Anna Nilsdatter

Descendants of Magne Eiriksson Eide and Anna Nilsdatter Kalland

Descendants of Francis and Martha MacMillan

Macmillan symbols and tartans

Descendants of Nils Johannesson Leiro & Marie Eiriksdatter Eide

Descendants of Peder Olsen and Gundborg SØrensdatter

Pedigree Chart of Great Britain's Royal Family

Descendants of Knut Jakobson Salhus & Marta Knutsdatter Elvik

Sivert Langseth and Jens Tusvik's Descendants

Descendants of Grivell Barnes and Elizabeth Jonnes

Weiss Family from Germany to America

Earliest Families on Elvik

Elviks and farestveits