Having been the recipient of many of the old photographs in the family, I feel a responsibility both to preserve them and to present them in a form in which they can be made available to anyone else who is interested. I have made an attempt to group them into albums according to different lines in the family tree.

Wise Family Album (Descendants of Henry and Malinda Wise)

Weiss and Ohl Burials

New Goshenhoppen Cemetery

Findlaystone Album (Worldwide headquarters of Clan MacMillan)

Otterstad Album   (Photos from Modalen, Vaksdal and Bergen)

Dunragit Album   Ancestral home of James MacMillan.
                           Also, to read about Dunragit enter here)

Langseth Album (Descendants of Sivert and Elen Anna Langseth)

Belmont County Tombstones (Wise and MacMillan Tombstones in Rock Hill  
                                                Cemetery in Belmont County, Ohio)

Belmont County (Other photos from Belmont County)

The Island of Ona (Photos by Fred Aasheim)

Bickel Album (Descendants of Anthony and Dianah Bickel)

Chappell Album

The Kallestads, February 2007

My Morning Walk

Bergen  & Modalen 2007

Molde, Kristiansund & Oslo 2007




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